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… aaaaand it’s Winter


Plot twist: Driver went off the road due
to medical emergency, not road conditions.

Oh, the Places You’ll Go …

Elsewhere on the Internet, EMTs post pictures from their ambulances with the headline, “My Office Today”. Usually they’re somewhere fun like a racetrack, a carnival standby or a beach.

In that spirit, here are a few random shots from the front seat of my office from the last few months. Note: we have no beaches around here.

But we do have planes:


… and choppers:


And roads:IMG_2167

… and not roads:mvapickupHere’s the view outside the wall of the local Supermax:FullSizeRender… and from within:IMG_0028Sometimes its hot out there:IMG_2080 … sometimes it’s cold:

IMG_2050Sometimes it’s just plain nuts (yes, there were 40 kids in there):bus

It may not always be glamorous. IMG_2026

But at least it ain’t the cube.