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As the World Burns


Twelve acres of brush fire yesterday. Seven fire departments sent equipment.


Under control in less than two hours. Pretty bad-ass, those fire guys!

Two Hour Extraction

The first thing he asked was how are we going to get him out of there? A reasonable question.


Well, the fire-guys are here, setting up their equipment; they’re gonna’ cut the roof off, I told him.

Little did we know how hard it would be after that. It was a perfect storm of an entrapment: Bottom of car was wedged against a tree; side of car was dug into the hillside; and the pt weighed over 400 lbs.


We each took turns thinking, fuck how the hell are we going to get this guy out of here?


But eventually—after about an hour and fifty minutes—we had him out and en route to the hospital.


Many hands make light work.

The UNfair

Trying to get a day off and I get roped into a stand-by at the county fair.


Usually I love the standbys; time and a half, and lots of trauma skills practice.
(The standbys I usually work involve motorcycles driving really fast and jumping things).


But, oh man I hate county fairs. They’re soooo boring. And this one was no exception.


Not a single job all day.


Or night.


At least the carnies hooked us up with free food when things shut down.

… Also I pet a kangaroo.

The “Q -Word”

bookThere is just one word you don’t say in EMS. (Hint: It starts with a “q” and rhymes with “riot”).

Its not that we’re superstitious, its just that … well, okay, we’re superstitious.

But with good reason. We’ve all seen it happen. Someone drops the q-word, even conversationally, and boom, shit gets wacky.

Sometimes you don’t even need to say the word. You just think about how nice it was to work Memorial Day; time and a half and all day long things were pretty q….

Oh shit! Now I did it.

Unit 808: Please respond priority one, to Oak Street between Elm and Maple for a bus on its side with approximately 40 passengers on board.


Yup, gonna be one of those days.

Spring is in the Air

… and so are these guys:


Talk about an easy day. Did a standby gig at a motocross today. We got time and a half, and there was only one broken bone in ten hours.

To be honest it was actually kind of boring (and LOUD!!!!). But this guy… :


… brought new meaning to the phrase, “go big or go home”. In the words of Rudy Ray Moore, check out this gooooood shit:

So much ‘Murica!.

Hello Dad, I’m in Jail

When someone in a maximum security prison has a heart attack, or bronchitis—or swallows a bunch of razor blades, a toothbrush and some aspirin—guess who they call?

Yup. EMS.

Snapped this pic with my phone while waiting (and waiting) for them to open the door from the truck trap to the outside world:


Ugh, still waiting. Guess we’ll be getting OT, today.

While we waited, this song popped into my head:

It ain’t Johnny Cash, but still a classic.