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Shit my Patient Says (Parts I and II).


My patient—a sweet little old lady— looks out the window, at a magnificent rolling vista, and says, “Wow, that’s really beautiful … you wouldn’t know people are getting murdered out there. Murdered and killed.”

“Um… and falling in love,” I say.

  •  •  •

Pt is a seven year old at a motocross. Kid fell off his bike and was fine, but when moving his bike off the track, got hit by a kid on another bike.

In the back of the ambulance kid his screaming in “pain”. Finally he says to dad (who is riding along in the captain’s chair), “I don’t want to ride motocross anymore.”

“Okay,” says dad. “You don’t have to. We’ll sell your bike tomorrow.”

Then, through sobs, kid says, “but… can’t we just keep it… for the memories?”